How Trees Can Help Reduce Air Pollution: GIS

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It is important to remember that the world of GIS is not just all about mapping.  In fact, in many ways, it lends itself to the other sciences as well, such as that of Geology and Meteorology.  After all, the professionals in these respective industries also need to have charts and diagrams created by the GIS professional.

trafficOne area of overlap is that in the study of air pollution.  There is no doubt that today, this is becoming of prime concern amongst all of the populations in the world.  Some of the countries with the worst levels of air pollution include those of India, China, and Thailand.

The levels of pollution are so bad that the citizens in these countries have to wear face masks constantly.  In an effort to bring these levels of pollution down, scientists from EarthSense Systems and the University of Leicester (based in the United Kingdom) have launched a study to determine if a “Green Infrastructure” would actually lead to a decrease in the overall level of air pollution.

The scientists from these two organizations just announced the results of this study last week.  The good news is that they did discover a positive correlation in that the “Green Infrastructure” did indeed result in a decrease in the levels of air pollution by almost 3%.

Per Roland Leigh, the Technical Director at EarthSense: “This is the first time a study of this scale and nature has been conducted in the UK . . . the results provide valuable information on the interaction of particulate matter and vegetation in the complex urban environment. There are implications on our future modelling of pollutant concentrations, and the structure and positioning of key green infrastructure.”  (SOURCE:

The ultimate goal of this research project would be to have the governments of the world to mandate that a “Green Infrastructure” be placed in all of the major cities.  The primary intent would be to help reduce the level of harmful traffic emissions, and to use the concepts of the study to aid in better city planning in the future.

GeoTel is a telecommunications research and GIS mapping firm that researches and provides telecom datasets for more than 6,000 cities in the United States and worldwide. GeoTel’s expertise includes specialists in economic geography, geospatial engineering, web GIS, and telecommunications GIS Data infrastructure.

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