Virtualization is Taking the Telecom Industry by Storm

Posted by | March 27, 2017 | Blog | No Comments

Well, we are now a few months into 2017, and there is one thing that is going to remain strong in the telecom industry: The Cloud. Most of us have heard about it to some degree or another, and those who have their own businesses for sure are using it to run them. Probably one of the most popular forms of the Cloud is that of the “iCloud”, which is primarily tied to the iPhone.

virtualizationBecause technology is evolving so quickly and there are so many new options to choose from, many of the telecom vendors are now converting their existing products and services over to a Cloud based platform. This process is also known more specifically as “Virtualization”, and in fact, AT&T is one of those vendors that is leading the way.

It was just recently announced that AT&T has completed 34% of this process, and that its primary goal is to have its entire telecom infrastructure into the Cloud by 2020.  But for the end of this year, it expects to reach 37% of this goal, which represents a 3% increase.

According to John Donovan, the Chief Strategy Officer at AT&T: “Our target for last year was to be at 30%, so we hit 34%, which we’re really thrilled with . . . The hardest part of how big scale projects go is you have a year of planning, a year at 5% and a year at 30% and a year that takes you to 50% and then you start to burn down the tail.”  (SOURCE:

It is important to keep in mind that although 3% may seem small on an absolute scale, when you look further at how complex the entire Virtualization process is and how huge AT&Ts entire infrastructure is, it is actually a very good pace.

As a result of these efforts, AT&T is starting to see its fruits, in the way of reduced labor costs and a tremendous amount of increase in the efficiencies of its network.

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