Thinking Locally For Fiber Optics

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Wilcon, a Southern California leading provider of data center infrastructure and fiber optic networks, has a unique approach when it comes to attracting customers. While many fiber optic providers use a national or global approach to drawing in customers, Wilcon uses a much more regional approach. Instead of spreading out over multiple locations, Wilcon is focused only on the Southern California market. Read More

Fiber Optics Revenue Grows by 50 Billion in 2013

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While everything may feel like mobile data is the future, fixed broadband will continue to play a vital role. For operators, fixed networks and backhaul networks help accommodate traffic growth, with 45 percent of total mobile data traffic being offloaded onto the fixed networks in 2013, according to Cisco.

Fiber Optics Revenue Grows by 50 Billion in 2013 As mobile data grows, so do fixed networks. In 2013, global customers on fiber optics, DSL and cable grew an additional six percent, surpassing 665.4 million subscribers, according to ABI research. In fiber optics alone, customers grew a staggering 29 percent up to 126.6 million subscribers worldwide. According to ABI, which provides in-depth analysis and quantitative forecasting of trends in global connectivity and other emerging technologies, fiber optic subscriptions will hit 265 million by 2019, continued increase of nearly 12 percent.

The fiber optic boom didn’t stop with just subscribers, but it also improved bottom lines. Worldwide fiber optic revenue grew over 15 percent in 2013 by an incredible $46 billion. While fiber optics grew, ASI noted a decline in DSL broadband subscriptions in both North America and Asia-Pacific.

“Since revenue from traditional services such as voice and messaging is declining, innovative services and content over high-speed broadband networks are proving essential for operators to maintain overall service revenue growth, “Khin Sandi Lynn, industry analyst said in ABI’s press release. “ABI Research forecast that the worldwide fiber-optic broadband market will generate $100 billion in 2019.”

In a day and age where the economy seems to rise and bust on a monthly basis, fiber optics continue to serve as a growing investment. For investors looking to get into the fiber optic business, fiber optic network maps and broadband maps can be utilized to analyze existing infrastructure and build out their own fiber optic networks.

GeoTel Communications provides fiber network maps and telecom maps. Our data sets help both large cities and rural communities expand their networks by layering infrastructure onto high quality street-based maps. GeoTel creates custom telecom maps at client’s requests. If you are interested in obtaining telecom maps, contact GeoTel Communications at 800-277-2172.


New Report Suggest Increased Fiber Optic Revenue

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Consumers constantly call for higher bandwidth and increased signal rates, making service providers feel like they can never keep up with demand. Due to this, investors are pouring money into technology and equipment research to overcome the challenge. In just a few years, this has lead to improvements such as fiber-to-the-antenna, long-term evolution deployments and up to 400 gigabit Internet connectivity.

New Report Suggest Increased Fiber Optic RevenueAccording to a new report by Frost and Sullivan, Analysis of the Global Fiber Optic Test Equipment Market, the market revenue for 2013 was $603.8 million and that number is expected to increase to $884.9 million by 2020. Much of this growth is thanks to rollouts in fiber-to-the-antenna, fiber-to-the-tower, distributed antenna systems, and cloud or centralized-radio access networks, yet it also includes fiber optic test equipment.

“The proliferation of electronics and reduction in chip sizes will also augment the demand for innovative test technologies,” said Frost & Sullivan Measurement and Instrumentation Program Manager Sujan Sami in a press release. “One such potential opportunity lies in micro structure fiber and hollow fiber with higher non-linear limits.”

The possibilities for fiber optics are nearly limitless and there is financing available to help engineers push these boundaries. Fiber optic networks can enable download and upload speeds of 400 times faster than broadband.

The fiber market is sustainable and should only continue to grow. For investors looking to get into the fiber optic business, fiber optic network maps and broadband maps can be utilized to analyze existing infrastructure and build out their own fiber optic networks. If you are interested in obtaining telecom GIS data sets for a particular city or metro area, contact GeoTel Communications at 800-277-2172.



Rural Kansas Going Fiber

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With fewer than 10,000 residents and situated more than 120 miles outside of Kansas City is the small city of Chanute, Kansas. With their remote and rural location, city officials realized a fiber-optic network could put Chanute ahead of other similarly sized cities in the mid-west. Read More

How Chattanooga Became ‘Gig City’

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Chattanooga might not be the first city one thinks of as a booming technology metropolis, but this Tennessee city has what analysts and city officials’ claim is the first and fastest ultra high-speed broadband connection, according to a recent article in the New York Times. The real shocker behind’s Chattanooga’s high-speed network is that it is also one of the least expensive in the country.

Read More

Georgia County Searches for Buried Fiber

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Much of the nation’s fiber-optic network was laid during the 1990s and early 2000s. Demand did not materialize as rapidly as expected, which resulted in billions, possibly trillions of dollars of unused fiber-optic cable buried across America. This fiber graveyard could be buried treasure and many communities are working to resurrect it. Read More

Intel Encourages Data Centers to Upgrade to Fiber

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Years ago, Google took the lead in building multiple state-of-the-art data centers and now this trend has spread across the country. Yet, the internal technology within these vast warehouses, which is used to spread applications across hundreds or even thousands of servers, has become outdated and until recently, no cost-effective upgrade option has been available. So Intel, the company that transformed the microprocessor, has found a way to improve data transmission and it is through fiber optic technology. Read More

Fiber Optic Showdown

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Since Google Fiber launched in Kansas City, Kansas in March 2011, cities across the country have tried to lure in the Internet giant. By offering blazing fast Internet connectivity, it leaves customers throughout the U.S. craving the one-gigabit speeds. This past February, Google invited cities in nine metro areas, 34 cities total, to submit bids for the next Google Fiber expansion. Read More

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