Q3 Earnings Report From Juniper Networks

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It’s the time for earnings season this quarter, and every company has to report on their revenue and profitability, including those in the telecom and networking industries. One of the dominant players to report last Friday (10/24/2014) was Juniper Networks, with unfortunately, some bad news. Q3 revenues declined by 5% YOY, and as a result, it plans to increase more cost trimming measures (of up to $100 Million) in order to bring the numbers into the black for the next earnings season.

The two prime reasons cited for this decline in revenue was:

1)      Lower than expected demand for its products and services;

2)      Very slow ramp up of new projects here in the United States. However, the news of the lower than expected numbers from Juniper should not come as a total surprise. For example, earlier in the month, they did lower their revenue and profit forecast, when demand from US based service providers declined sharply. Third quarter revenue for this year was at $742 Million, down 6% YOY, citing declines in both the United States and the Asian/Pacific Rim markets. Read More

ESRI Now Offering A GIS Software Development Kit

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A Geographic Information System (GIS) not only allows for an end user to perceptually visualize and analyze just about any kind of data, but it also gives he or she the ability to spatially manipulate any unnoticed trends and patterns. A GIS is not just restricted to just one market application or industry type, rather all businesses can benefit from the use of a GIS. An innovator of GIS products and services is ESRI. They have a wide product line which ranges from spatial analysis to location analytics, to even analyzing Big Data sets. Today, ESRI has announced the launch of some ‘smart mapping apps’ for all Windows based systems which includes the server, desktop, and even smartphone versions. Read More

Mitel Makes Second Offer For ShoreTel

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The United States is a very lucrative market for the telecom industry – given the explosion in wireless devices, and now the advent of virtual payments with Apple Pay. To grab a footing into the US market, Mitel Networks Corporation, based in Ottawa, has just made a $540 million acquisition offer to ShoreTel, Inc., with headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. Read More

Cox Competing with CenturyLink to Provide 1 Gbps Service

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CenturyLink, provider of Internet, TV and Voice, recently announced in August its plans to provide 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) services in 16 cities, 10 cities for residential and business clients and six cities for solely business clients. The company’s competitor, Cox Communications, will be providing similar services in Phoenix during the fourth quarter of 2014. Read More

Congressional Members Look to Work with FCC on CAF II

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The FCC was asked by more than 40 Congress members to allow service providers to install high-speed broadband connections to isolated communities under the Connect America Funding II (CAF II) program. This request was a joint effort by the members of both Republican and Democratic parties. The CAF II is the last stage of FCC’s Universal Service Fund (USF) modification, and the rules established will determine the fate of millions of rural Americans receiving broadband service.

Read More

Digital Realty Connects

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Digital Realty, a company consisting of some of the world’s leading data center experts involved in helping clients acquire, own, expand and operate data centers, is concluding a two-year expansion plan. The objective of the two-year plan is to use an international network to connect its 131 global data centers. In 2013, Digital Realty’s data centers, which spread throughout the enterprise in 33 markets, accomplished the connection of European properties. By the end of the year, the company expects to complete North America and Asia-Pacific connectivity, which will add data centers onto the network in Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and Osaka.  Read More

Drones and GIS

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Drones, commonly referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have transformed into data-gathering tools for GIS throughout the past 15 years. Today’s drones vary in sizes, costs and uses. A “prosumer” UAV has become a primary resource to acquire remotely-sensed GIS data. As the market for UAVs continues to expand, it is imperative to grasp five fundamental elements of drones: the technology, unmanned aerial vehicle components, the applications, the market and the barriers to success.   Read More

New TouchShare Web Manages GIS Investments in ESRI Mapping, Feature Services, Network KML, Open Geospatial Consortium Data

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TouchShare, leader of geospatial collaboration solutions, has announced the launch of TouchShare Web. TouchShare Web is TouchShare’s browser application that manages the investments of GIS in ESRI Mapping, Feature Services, Network KML, and other Open Geospatial Consortium data such as Web Mapping Services. Compared to preceding TouchShare solutions, TouchShare Web contains a single platform, providing customers internal or external servers to view, analyze and maneuver several data files. This innovative platform that holds a user integration and collaboration framework centers on tools and functions that assist and better business decisions. Read More

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