What does GeoTel do?

GeoTel Researches, assimilates, and digitally maps telecom assets like fiber optic lines from carriers or buildings that are lit with fiber. We display the telecom data in a geographic information systems (GIS) or online via our product called TeleTracker. Please look at our product or services page for a full listing of what GeoTel can offer.

How and when was GeoTel founded?

GeoTel was founded in 2001 by Dave Drazen and two others who are PhD’s. All met while attending the University of Florida and whom had a specialty in economic geography. Mr. Drazen would later purchase the stock from the others and become the majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board.

What are the sources for making the products?

GeoTel uses many different ways to obtain its data. After many years in the industry we have developed relationships with many carriers who provide us their information. We also use extensive internet research, 3rd party consultants, and ground mapping methods with geospatial tools. 

What is the methodology used?

We research and obtain the data, digitize it to a street database, quality assure the data, then license the (GIS) end product.

How do you price your products?

Pricing is based on product and geographic area. The unit of geography we use starts at the CBSA level (core based statistical area) based on the U.S. Census and goes up to the State, Regional and National level. 

What are some of the benefits of using GeoTel products?

We provide data that help businesses and government drive insightful decisions. Other benefits are location based intelligence, predictive analytics, knowledge management, economic development and infrastructure analysis. 

What are some of the most popular products?

Fiber Routes-Metro and Long Haul, Fiber Lit Buildings, Fiber Maps, Data Centers, Central offices, Cell Towers, Broadband data and our online product, TeleTracker 

Are there any white papers or case studies?

There are four case studies posted on the website, along with several videos

Can the data be viewed on my phone or tablet?

Yes. Our website is responsive and our online product is an optimized mobile app. 

What type of product support do you offer and how often is the data updated?

GeoTel offers multiple levels of support for all of our products via phone and online at no additional charge. Our data is continuously being updated every day. We have a “living database”, which means mergers, additional network being built by carriers, new carriers entering the market are all monitored on a daily basis. Once the new data is obtained it normally takes a cycle of 3-6 months to push all the new data out to our client base.