Cell Tower Locations

Find readily-leased wireless facilities (towers, rooftops, water tanks, raw land,billboards, etc) to deploy or fill-in cellular, PCS, WIMAX, LMDS, MMDS and other wireless coverage. Maps include over 300,000 sites compiled from over 400 facility owners and managers. Cell tower locations infrastructure data set includes the Site ID, Name, Description, Location, Ground Elevation, Company Name, Contact Information, Date of Construction, FCC ASR Number, FAA Study Number, AGL, AMSL, Tower Type and Status. Locate Fiber in and around the wireless tower or facility by adding GeoTel’s Metro Fiber or other GIS Telecom Products.


GeoTel Cell Towers are priced by U.S. coverage or can be packaged individually based upon state.

Geographic Coverage
United States


By Subscription: Semi-Annually

GeoTel Communications, LLC

Unit of Sale
U.S.; State

  • Competitive analysis
  • Opportunities for backhaul services
  • Network planning
  • Market intelligence and strategy


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