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With over 765 fiber carriers across 2.4 million fiber route miles and approximately 1.65 million fiber lit buildings, GeoTel is proud to be the leader in telecommunications infrastructure data and fiber maps online, offering the following data sets:

Carrier Fiber Routes
Fiber Lit Buildings
Data Centers
Cell Towers
Broadband Fiber
Broadband Wireless
Broadband Terrestrial
Wire Center Boundaries
Submarine Cables & Landings
Carrier Network Maps
Cable MSO’s
Area Code Boundaries
Central Offices
Worldwide Telecommunications Directory

Our data is available in a GIS format or through our easy-to-use online subscription platform, TeleTracker. TeleTracker allows clients to research fiber maps online directly from a web browser without GIS experience.

GeoTel provides companies and government agencies with the leverage and insight necessary to make intelligent, location-based business decisions. Let us show you how GeoTel can help your business or project.

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