Fiber Search Request

One Time requests to search for Metro Fiber within 1,000 ft of a geographic point. Route information given with all carriers being color coded. Provided with streets and delivered in a map with a legend and your companies logo. Customer chooses map format: GIS, PDF, JPG. In addition, the customer may choose to have the route information layered on color aerial photography, building footprints or digital elevation. 

Digitizing Telecom Infrastructure in GIS

GeoTel will digitize all records of fiber route information into GIS. Old autocad, drawings, paper maps, jpeg, or PDF. Customer may choose which GIS format they would like the data delivered in; ESRI or MapInfo. 

GeoTel On-Demand Service

The partial or complete outsourcing of GIS to GeoTel. Digitizing, mapping, map creation, research, storage or GIS files, logo maps for marketing/sales, technical maps for engineering/Outside plant. These requests are processed on demand and available around the clock. This service is a flat fee per month.