5G Devices and Telecom Are Center Stage at CES 2020

5G devicesThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 claimed this year will be the Year of 5G Devices and telecom companies revealed further plans at the Las Vegas show during the first full business workweek of 2020.

CES attracts nearly 4,500 exhibiting companies, such as developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of tech hardware, tech delivery systems, telecommunications companies, and more. Hyundai-Uber released an electric flying car, while AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon highlighted 5G devices.

Telecom and 5G Devices

The country’s largest carriers came out in full force at CES 2020 and just like last year, 5G took center stage. This time, however, the technology is more integrated in carrier offerings than ever.”

At CES, AT&T has claimed to increase its 5G phones from one option to 15 by year-end. The carrier giant also revealed plans for offering tablets and laptops that will be 5G enabled. Not only are the devices that enable 5G increasing, but so is its network coverage to more than 200 million people. T-Mobile didn’t address the elephant in the room about its merger with Sprint but instead focused on how it acquired its 5G network earlier than expected and it will be releasing new 5G phones in 2020.

Sprint focused on its new offerings with IoT plans – which have been challenging for providers to offer – and its plans to move into the Smart City sector in Georgia. Verizon, AT&T’s largest competitor also displayed 5G updates at CES 2020 with promises such as 20 new 5G devices. Although 5G devices and telecom had the focus this year, there were other notable reveals from big companies.

Other CES 2020 Reveals

The Business Wire has compiled a list of other big unveils from the Las Vegas show comprised of some of the following items. The first 7nm processor in a laptop from AMD, the first display of the AI-powered hand for prosthetic-ware from BrainCo, and an electric, autonomous delivery droid from Valeo. There were tons of autonomous cars, electric robots, and computing advances at this year’s CES event.

CES and other events will show how technology keeps evolving, and you can always count on GeoTel Communications to provide you with updated and compatible telecommunications location-based data.


Valerie Stephen