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Dish Expands 5g Fiber Network

Dish Expands 5g Fiber Network

5g fiberDish Network has made four 5g fiber agreements with big players in the telecom industry.

Next year, Dish Network is expanding to encompass a larger network of deployments. Dish announced 4 new ventures for its 5G fiber offering. Dish’s 5G network will receive back-haul and front-haul support expanding its coverage to 60 million citizens in the United States, spanning coast to coast.

Four Players Support Dish

Dish Network is a company that has focused on connectivity since 1980. This telecom conglomerate was able to focus on the strengths of four separate companies and unite them to offer 5g fiber in a promising way. Dish struck deals with Zayo, Everstream, Uniti, and Segra. Each player brings its own support to the Disk Network.

Zayo Group

Zayo Group is known to provide bandwidth to some very impactful companies worldwide. “Zayo has an extensive global fiber network consisting of 13 million fiber miles that span 133,000 route miles, including metro networks in major markets.


Eversteam focuses on the commercial aspect of fiber connection with the promise of speed, reliability, scale, and performance. With the company’s hyper-focus on business customers, it opens the door for partners to focus on other aspects of running a 5G network.

Uniti Group

Uniti focuses on capital for a networked nation by partnering with communication companies and critical infrastructure. Uniti is also a major provider of solutions to the wireless infrastructure.


Segra focuses on the customer and invests in communities by hiring local employees to work on the network infrastructure. “As one of the largest independent fiber network companies in the Eastern US, Segra has a broad and dense service footprint across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

5G Fiber Near You

The 5G fiber network is well on its way to being developed throughout America. With large telecom players such as Dish, Everstream, Segra, Uniti, and Zayo, customers will be able to take advantage of this network. To know the fiber infrastructure and stay up to date with the latest developments, companies can turn to GeoTel Communications.

GeoTel is continuously observing, allocating, and updating the fiber footprint. Contact the experts to keep your company updated.

Valerie Stephen