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5 Ways 5G Tech Could Better Your Life

5 Ways 5G Tech Could Better Your Life

5g techThe connectivity revolution is bringing opportunities and more possibilities than just faster video connections. 5G tech has the potential to revolutionize almost every aspect of our lives.

Let’s take a deeper look at the top 6 ways 5g tech will have an impact on modern-day industries…

1. Healthcare and 5G tech

Improved health management will be a major factor in the 5g revolution. Patients will have better access to wearable devices for monitoring or managing sickness, which can prevent severe health risks. The real-time monitoring of patients will also allow doctors to implement telemedicine practices, such as immediate diagnosis based on data and the ability to receive last-minute prescriptions. Patients will no longer have the only option of driving to a doctor and spending hours in a waiting room.

Advanced 5g tech will enable lower latency capabilities allowing surgeons to perform remote-based robotic surgery for patients that are in isolated, rural areas. Lab technicians can also send and receive MRI and CT scans promptly. Artificial intelligence will be more applicable with higher connectivity,  which can lead to pre-diagnoses and simple automated treatments. This can allow hospitals to perform with more efficiency and speed. The healthcare industry will not be the only one optimized for efficiency with the next generation of connection.

2. Integrated Education

The integration of 5G into the internet of things will allow for a whole new generation of education. New 5g tech could put wireless remotes into the hands of students to scan information into notes to review later. Teachers can generate immersive lessons with the aid of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. It will be like a real-life Magic School Bus episode, students can be “transported” to the solar system or the inner 5g techworks of the human body. Lessons will take less time with quicker downloads and lower latency to show virtual examples. The classroom will not be the only area of learning that will be affected, other areas could include:

  • Real-time language lessons
  • Cooking lessons displayed on a smart fridge
  • Connecting science labs worldwide almost instantaneously
  • Realistic flight simulations

There are countless ways in which every field that could be taught, could, in turn, be improved. Whether you are teaching someone to farm or doing it as your profession, it too can be optimized.

3. Sustainable Farming

When dealing with livestock, farmers often do not know if something is wrong with the livestock until they physically are inspected or worse dead. With 5g tech, farmers could incorporate advanced collars to track animals and receive data updates on behavior, diet, and health. Not only could the farmer utilize this data, but it could also be transmitted to nutritionists, veterinarians, scientists, or potential buyers. Automation could also allow farming to reduce the need for physical resources and increase the output of goods.

4. 5G Tech and Immersive Entertainment    

The next generation of technology will also bring the next generation of entertainment. The most obvious way entertainment will be affected is with at-home viewings with faster streaming and downloads. Online gaming, videos, and e-sports will be extremely immersive and can incorporate VR and AR. Game developers will be able to incorporate more cloud-like services lowering console costs and allowing more gaming options for players. Concerts, sporting events, and arena viewing, in general, will be optimized with sound and virtual presentations.  Attending these events will also include safer transportation.

5. Connected Cars

“5G will turn your car into a talking, thinking supercomputer.” High-speed connections will enable a plethora of new car features. Cars could be unlocked using web-authentication via a smartwatch or mobile device. If you are in a rush and not 100% sure if you locked your car, just check your phone. 5g tech in the dashboard could also inform users of the best-priced gas stations nearby, the next charging station, or that your oil change is due in 5 days. Traffic reports will be more accurate and precise if all cars are connected and reporting. Autonomous driven vehicles could sync via traffic lights to optimize traffic flow and create less traffic-related incidents.

Almost every industry will be affected or optimized by the 5g revolution. For the telecom industry, information will become more instantaneous and precise. If you are currently looking for precise telecom information, then contact GeoTel Communications to discover fiber-optic network maps and more!

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen