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7 Tips for Increasing Your Broadband Speed

7 Tips for Increasing Your Broadband Speed

increasing your broadband speedLearn how to get the most out of your Wi-Fi by increasing your broadband speed.

During this time, most nonessential workers in various places across the world, are working from home and schools are relying on virtual learning platforms for education. This means that internet traffic patterns are changing from the daily norm, which puts a strain on certain parts of the telecommunications infrastructure that previously was not seen. If you are one of the millions working from home, then check out these tips for increasing your broadband speed.

1. Optimal Placement – An essential step for increasing your broadband speed is to ensure your router is in the most optimal place for device connectivity. This means it is placed out in the open and not obstructed by any furniture or clutter. It is also a good idea if possible to place it as close to your working space. The closer you are to your router the better your signal will be. If you have multiple users accessing the Wi-Fi then place the router in a centralized space, up high, and out in the open. Do not try to hide it in furniture or behind décor.

2. No Microwaving – If you are on a conference call the last thing you want is for your face to freeze in the middle of a conversation. The best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your internet connection is to ensure that your router is away from other devices. Routers are prone to interference which can come from your stereo, television, baby monitor, and even microwave ovens. So if you do need to heat up your lunch, be sure you take a break and don’t do it during the afternoon meeting.

3. Utilize the Plug – If you are going to be in a designated area, such as the home office, physically plugging in your personal computer (PC) into the router itself will create a direct connection. This will result in higher broadband speeds due to the connection have less space to travel through.

increasing your broadband speed

4. Clean PC – For some users, there is a disconnect between the broadband speed and computer speed. The best way to ensure you are getting the most out of both computer and broadband speeds is to clean your PC. This could be as simple as deleting downloads and emptying the recycle bin – or purchasing a deep software to ensure all programs are running in pristine condition. To have a clean PC you can also update your browser to the latest version, run anti-virus software, and cleaning your web browser’s cache.

5. Limit Wi-Fi Connections – An essential way for increasing your broadband speed is ensuring that as few devices as possible are connected. When there are multiple devices like smartphones and tablets working in the background, it can quickly slow things down. Try switching Wi-Fi reception off on these when you’re not using them. If there is a big meeting try managing the household’s internet activity to ensure no one is streaming an HD video at the same time.

6. Update Your Router – If you have ensured most of these tips are in place and there are still speed issues, a possibility could be the router itself. “Your broadband connection may be limited by the performance of your current modem router, particularly on challenging lines, and the best modem routers support enhancements.” Your router model can generally found on the router itself and may be followed with further research or a call to your internet provider.

7. Check Your Provider – Knowing what options are available for your broadband connection can make all the difference. Not all internet providers offer the same speeds and connections. It is important to know where fiber routes are located near the home or the office.

If your company would be interested in accessing telecommunications location-based data, such as carriers and fiber routes, be sure to contact the experts at GeoTel today!


Valerie Stephen