A Brand New GIS System Takes Place in Ireland

In today’s blog posting, we take a trip overseas to examine the state of the GIS market.  In this regard, we travel all the way across the pond to Ireland. 

Back in 2012, a business entity known as the Irish Mapping and GIS Solutions (IMGS), along with its partners of Intergraph and Rolta UK, were awarded a contract to ESB Networks, Ltd. The provisions of this contract mandated the planning, design, and construction of an entire new GIS system.

It took three solid years to deploy and implement this new system and, just last week, it was announced that it is now fully operational.  The G/T divisions of Intergraph and GeoMedia Solutions were called upon to automate all of the processes.

These processes include all of the reports, network diagrams, land plots, and interfaces to the new IT infrastructure of ESB.

As mentioned above, IMGS was also selected and made responsible for the entire GIS migration process from the old system to the new system.  To facilitate this, the FME solution from an entity known as Safe Software was used to make this transition a smooth and efficient one.

Additionally, IMGS has also been selected to provide the front line support for this new infrastructure.

So far, it appears that ESB Networks, Ltd., is quite happy with the work that has been accomplished thus far.  For example, according to CEO John Gallagher, “We had confidence in the Intergraph and IMGS teams to understand our business and deliver the required solution. We were reassured in knowing that Intergraph and IMGS would work closely with us throughout the implementation process and continue to support us after go-live . . . this next generation GIS will help streamline existing ESB Network workflows while meeting the challenges of providing a smarter 21st-century electric grid.”  

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