A New Remote Workforce Tool from Comcast

A New Remote Workforce Tool from Comcast

fiber optical lines mapIn today’s workplace environment, gone are the days (well, almost) of commuting to a traditional brick and mortar office building, where we would work from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and then head back home. We would carry on this same routine for five consecutive work days, but there is a new remote workforce tool on the rise.

Today, the workforce is virtual. People are working from anywhere on the planet and in any timeframe, even during the wee hours of the morning.  In fact, there is no longer the need to meet with other colleagues or project team members. Everything can now be done on Webex or GoToMeeting.com.

To help facilitate this transfer into the new world of work, Comcast (probably the juggernaut of the telecom industry, which was also profiled in a recent blog posting) has just announced the availability of a brand new voice mobility product.

With this, a virtual based telephone line is established and a free mobile app is downloaded for employees so they can continue to receive messages (such as instant and e-mail messages) while they are on the move.

Also, a single telephone number is provided to the road warrior so that he or she can access phone calls at any time.  Other robust features, which are also provided, include the use of voice mail and other options, such as “Be Anywhere,” “Move Call,” “Transfer Call,” “Contacts,” “Recent Contacts Established,” and even “Do Not Disturb.”  The mobile app can be utilized on both Android and iOS wireless devices.

Comcast is hoping to use this new offering in order to expand into the Fortune 1000 market segment.  Also, this mobile app will give Comcast the ability to leverage itself into very specific geographic territories which include Chico, CA, Denver, CO, and New London County, CT.  Other industry verticals in which this mobile app can be utilized include the healthcare and legal segments.

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Valerie Stephen