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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… How about a Map?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… How about a Map?

The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true today and is very relevant in the context of Geographic Information Systems. Without pictures, in this case – maps, geospatial data can very complicated and time-consuming to analyze. However, powerful geographic information systems are now available that quickly render one to several layers of digital geospatial data into map-like products. When data is displayed on a map, it becomes much easier to understand and analyze.

GIS represents multiple attributes of geographic space as a set of overlapping layers and allows users to answer spatial questions of location, proximity, and geographic distribution by linking features on a map to the appropriate attribute data. Below are some telecom data products that can take the form of maps:

Fiber Maps: These are metro fiber maps digitized in GIS. Fiber maps enable users to locate lit, dark or long-haul fiber quickly and efficiently within a GIS or web-based environment.

Telecom Maps: Telecommunications networks are mapped in GIS so that people can make informed business decisions regarding existing telecom infrastructure, perform competitive analysis, and plan for new networks.

Cell Tower Maps: This cell tower location infrastructure data set allows users to find readily leased wireless facilities to deploy or fill-in cellular, PCS, WIMAX, LMDS, MMDS and other wireless coverage.

Maps have been helping civilizations for decades. In today’s modern society maps can now be used for more than navigation, but for also for business. Fiber maps can help telecom companies in more ways than one. If your company is interested in fiber maps, you have come to the right place.

At GeoTel Communications, our products integrate telecom infrastructure data with GIS so that decision-makers can accurately analyze this data in a spatial, map-like environment. If you are interested in fiber maps, telecom maps, cell tower maps, or any other telecom data products we offer, contact us today.

Valerie Stephen