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Alternative Technology for the GIS Professional

Alternative Technology for the GIS Professional

carrier network dataThere is one thing we know for sure:  In the world of GIS, there is a ton of information and data coming out on a daily basis.  There are literally hundreds of vendors with many products and services their customers use all the time.

A lot of this has to do with mapping and capturing extremely high-quality images of landmarks or other geographical terrains that can be gained by utilizing either satellites or unmanned drones.

However, storing all these details can take up a lot of space on a server’s local hard drive or workstation. Also, a lot of processing power is required in case these images have to be further refined into more granular detail. That can be expensive.

So, how can a GIS professional afford a high-end computer without breaking his or her budget?

The answer comes via using a “hosted service.” For example, all one has to do is find a reliable Internet Service Provider within your budget and sign up for an account in just a few minutes.  With this, you get all the storage space you need for those huge maps and image files, and you can even procure a dedicated server in which to process them.

However, there are not many Internet Service Providers providing this exclusive service to GIS-based customers.  Fortunately, it was announced just recently that there is a new ISP out there that has come out with a new hosted service dedicated to offering just mapping services to housing associations.

Computer-Aided Development Corporation, Ltd. (Cadcorp),” is the name of the provider.  According to Managing Director, Martin McGarry, “Under the service, the responsibility for managing both map data and web mapping software sits with Cadcorp. The housing association simply subscribes to a service that includes software, data, and management services.”

The specific types of GIS data that work with this new service include both static and dynamic sets.

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Valerie Stephen