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Amazon Offers On-Demand Cloud Platform

Amazon Offers On-Demand Cloud Platform

Probably in the past, you have heard the terms, “Virtualization” and the “Cloud.” You are probably wondering, what does all of this mean, and especially, what does it mean for me? Well, long story short, the Cloud is merely another way to can purchase a software package you need at a fraction of the cost in a retail store.

A perfect example of this is Microsoft Exchange. This software package is very popular with small to medium sized business owners. If one were to purchase this outright, through Microsoft, it would cost literally thousands of dollars. But since it is available via the Cloud through many Internet Service Providers (ISPs), a business owner can get it for just $15.00 per month.

It is important to keep in mind that with Cloud based offerings, all software packages are made available through an ISP. There are other advantages other than cost savings. These include:

  • No administrative headaches, the ISP takes care of all of the software licensing for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about any software upgrades (even security based ones) — once again, the ISP does all of this for you in your bundled plan.
  • You really don’t “own” the software package per se; but, rather, you rent it — the advantage of this is that the cost is spread out monthly, which is affordable and predictable

With this background in mind, it is also important to know that many telecom and cable carriers are now offering Cloud based services as a part of their offering to customers — primarily in backup and storage of information and data. Vendors such as Verizon, Comcast, Windstream Communications, etc., now offer Cloud products through third parties such as Microsoft, IBM, and Google.

However, there is now an 800-pound gorilla in the market place, known as Amazon Web Services. They currently command over 31% of the market share, and are fast becoming the partner of choice amongst the telecom vendors. Revenues from Cloud based services offered by telecom giants have surpassed the $7 billion mark, and are expected to grow even further.

GeoTel Communications, LLC is the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data in a geographic information system (GIS) and internet based spatial technologies for over 15 years. GeoTel takes telecom infrastructure data and makes it tangible. By layering this data in GIS software or by viewing it in one of our web based platforms, we make it possible to analyze detailed fiber optic maps and other telecom data sets throughout America. These integrated datasets are digitized onto the highest quality street data and aerial imagery available, providing companies and government entities with the leverage and insight necessary to make informed location based and fiscally sound decisions.

Valerie Stephen