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Announcing a Brand New GIS Mobile App

Announcing a Brand New GIS Mobile App

timmons group geospatial solutions logoThe world of GIS is not just composed of looking at maps and examining landmarks, as popular belief seems to be. Essentially, this field encompasses anything and everything related to the earth, what is below it, and even what is on top of it (as in what happens in the atmosphere, for example). Scientists use geospatial datasets to examine cloud movements, analyze the rotational dynamics of tornadoes and hurricanes, and even try to predict when the next major rainstorm or snowstorm is coming.

The same principles can also be applied to the water supply here in the United States. A leader in this field is a business entity known as the Timmons Group. They have been in business for well over twenty years, providing geospatial based solutions for the following industry segments:

  • Local and state governments
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Wild and Fire
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Forestry

Along with serving these specific areas, the Timmons Group offers a unique set of products and services to the GIS professional. These include:

  • Web/Mobile Applications
  • Asset Management
  • Geospatial Dataset Development
  • Analysis and Modeling

Just this past week, the company announced that it has launched a brand new mobile app for monitoring and analyzing storm water damage and, from that, developing a set of best practices. This platform is made exclusively for the iPad, and will focus primarily upon web based applications, report generation and access, and end user administration.

According to Benjamin Eib, a client of the Timmons Group, “The mobile and desktop applications have increased the efficiency, speed and accuracy of our inspection and reporting processes. The functionality developed within the tools has allowed us to focus additional time on the inspections themselves, and ensures consistency between inspectors.”

Additional benefits of this mobile app include:

  • Real time, dashboard notifications
  • Automated database queries
  • GIS and mapping integration functionalities

GeoTel is a telecommunications research and GIS mapping firm that researches and provides telecom datasets for more than 5,500 cities in the United States and worldwide. GeoTel’s expertise includes specialists in economic geography, geospatial engineering, web GIS, and telecommunications GIS Data infrastructure.

Valerie Stephen