Announcing a New GIS Product: The OpenImageMap™

As we continue to profile various GIS based companies, there is another emerging that is on the cusp of producing some brand new revolutionary products and services.  This company is known as CubeWerx.  It is a geospatial firm with headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. 

cubewerx open image mapCubeWerx has been in business since 1996 and is primarily focused on the development and implementation of open web services for the exchange of GIS data on the Internet.

The GIS based services fall under five primary domains, which are:

  1. Imagery Management.  Literally terabytes of GIS information and data can be processed and tiled into live, interactive maps with this service.  The main advantage is that these maps can be produced and displayed in a matter of hours, instead of the days and weeks it would take through traditional methods.
  2. Geospatial Data Discovery.  This service allows for the GIS professional to discover, catalog, and download various datasets which are needed to conduct research and development activities.  With a web based interface the necessary information can be acquired in just a matter of a few hours.
  3. Web Services and Vector Data.  With this particular technology offering, the GIS professional can quickly and easily manage their web mapping services, as well as share vector based data through open source APIs such as WMS, WFS, etc.
  4. SDI Architecture.  With this service, GIS scientists can develop their own Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI).  These are created through a four process method which includes:
  • Conducting a requirements assessment;
  • Developing a project management plan;
  • Designing the engineering aspect of the SDI;
  • Final implementation of the SDI.
  1. Interoperability Assessments.  Through this service, various GIS based technologies can be brought together.  This includes conducting such activities as OSG standards compliance, and benchmarking/testing.

On top of these product and service offerings, CubeWerx has just announced a newer one.  It is called “OpenImageMap™,” and it is designed for the hosting and publishing dynamic collections of various geospatial images.  Probably one of its strongest advantages is that it can be deployed on Amazon Web Services as well.

This was announced in the CubeWerx press release on February 23, 2015. It read, “OpenImageMap™ can be deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using Amazon S3 for storage of source imagery, providing the lowest cost, most reliable storage available for your data.”  (SOURCE:

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