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Artificial Intelligence is Here!

Artificial Intelligence is Here!

AI is the hottest word for 2019, but will it live up to its hype? Will technology allow companies to be more efficient? All we know for certain is AI is here!

After the past year, are the roots in place for Artificial Intelligence to take over the tech industry?  Many believe it is, but there are a few skeptics out there such as Ulrich Kohn. In a recent interview with FierceTelecom, Ulrich Kohn said, “AI is probably the most overused buzzword, or will be by the end of next year,” and “Everybody is trying to do AI.” Even though Kohn said AI will be “the most overused buzzword,” that has not stopped Adva Optical Networking, the company Kohn works for as their technical marketing director, from including machine learning in their networks.

In the telecommunications industry, Artificial Intelligence has been confined to main chatbots. However, the chatbots are proving to be very useful in expediting customer service problems. Problems that use to take hours are now being completed in minutes with AI.  In addition, Artificial Intelligence has been an incredible tool for salespeople in getting vetted buyers easier than before. In the past, salespeople would have to take large amounts of time to vet buyers and in turn, have less time to get more leads. AI uses the mass amounts of data to comb through specific data points that have shown to be determiners of prospective buyers.

The main limitation of AI currently is with learning how to navigate chatbots.  For example, most users know when they are talking to a bot instead of a person. The human element is missing, which is crucial for seamless communication. Even with AI’s chatbots limitations, AI is providing improvement in network efficiency and operating costs.

AI’s will prove to be a huge deal in determining behavior insights of customer bases which will assist executives in making decisions on the spot with the supported data. For example, the critical information provided by AI technology can be leveraged to buy advertisements either on social media or highly sought-after television commercials. Not only will this expedite decision making, but it will provide automation to these companies as the AI will automatically buy necessarily targeted advertisements for the consumer. For companies that have AI on demand, they will be able to use GeoTel’s TeleTracker with ease since the AI can determine the routes the company needs.

AI is here to stay, and the abilities will only get more revolutionary. The telecommunications industry will not look the same in ten years, let alone five. This provides many new obstacles and learning experiences that will continue the growth of the industry.

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Valerie Stephen