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AT&T Service Captures Small Business Market

AT&T Service Captures Small Business Market

AT&T Capturing the Small Business Market with a New Service

When it comes to the American consumer, we share two distinct traits. First, we want everything right now! Secondly, for the most part, we want the latest and the greatest.  These two traits pretty much hold true for all shopping ventures, and it resonates much more strongly when it comes to technology and our gadgets.

There is something about new techno-toys and gadgets to which we are always attracted.  Whether it is the latest tablet or the sleekest Smartphone, these types of items always catch our fancy.

This is even true of the telecom giants, like AT&T.  Just recently, they launched a new service called “Network on Demand,” and so far they have been able to garner roughly 200 customers for this service, worldwide, in a very short time frame.

One of the core components of this new service is the “On-Demand Ethernet” capability.  With this, AT&T will possess the strategic advantage of being able to leverage its brand in 170+ markets all around the globe.

Other core features that will be offered with Network on Demand include Managed Internet Services.  With this, any corporation or business will have the ability to quickly and easily have their entire network infrastructure in a virtualized mode.

The primary benefit of this is that rather than having to administer and maintain their own network infrastructure, corporate America can now outsource all of this to AT&T for a fraction of the traditional costs.  Also, any network site analyses and deployments that would normally take weeks to complete can now be accomplished in just a matter of days.

According to Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, “Customers are willing to pay more for unique, value-added services [NetBond and Network on Demand], and are not expecting a discount.” 

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Valerie Stephen