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AT&T Set to Offer 1GB Fiber Broadband

AT&T Set to Offer 1GB Fiber Broadband

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of AT&T? This business is probably one of the largest telecom and cable carriers to exist, worldwide. They are also affectionately known as “Ma Bell.” As large as the company is, it is quite obvious they can offer many products and services to their customer base. Just this week, this giant announced they will now be offering new, 1GB fiber-based services to over 180 major cities, across 22 states, here in the United States.

The primary target market for this new service offering includes the multi-tenant office building. Typically, these buildings are only connected to 300Mbps connections, but now, thanks to AT&T, they will be able to scale up to the 1GB fiber optic cabling. It should be noted, as well, that that the catalyst for this new service is AT&T’s “Project VIP” program.

In fact, fiber optic cabling is expected to be a booming market, with other telecom and cable carriers jumping onboard as well. For example, this market segment is expected to grow at a pretty pace, at a rate of 14.8%, generating revenues in excess of $2.6 billion. In fact, AT&T has already surpassed 800,000 business customer locations.

According to the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President John Stephens, “What we did is we built a significant amount of those to customer order, where customers, existing customers, new customers order that and want us to build . . . In those areas that we’ve built and spread the copper before we had a contract in place, we are now aggressively selling into those areas, and we have been pleased about the ability to penetrate those buildings and to sell into those.”

A good customer example of AT&T’s fiber-based offering is Modern Business Solutions, based out of Austin, TX. They claim that with this, the staff is able to very quickly and easily upload large files, even those that are larger than 1GB. The ultimate goal of increasing its fiber footprint is also to possess the ability to bundle and sell Ethernet-based services as well, in order to increase its competitive advantage.

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Valerie Stephen