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AT&T Goes Forward With $14 Billion Telecom Infrastructure Investment

AT&T Goes Forward With $14 Billion Telecom Infrastructure Investment

Earlier this month, AT&T unveiled its plans to expand its telecommunications network. As stated in their press release, AT&T plans to “significantly expand and enhance its wireless and wireline IP broadband networks” in order to accommodate the growing customer demand for high-speed networks that can efficiently transfer large amounts of data without clogging up, as well as new mobile, app and cloud services.

This is a 3-year, $14 billion network investment plan that will not only help expand AT&T’s 4G LTE network to new markets, but will also improve network quality and increase spectrum efficiency. While a majority of the investment will be focused on supporting the rapidly increasing wireless data growth, almost $6 billion has been allocated for expanding and upgrading the speeds of AT&T’s U-Verse wireline network.

Also stated in the press release are AT&T’s plans to expand its fiber network to reach an additional one million business customer locations, specifically multi-tenant (6 tenants or more) business buildings. This is an initiative that could pose a new challenge to the competitive fiber providers that have been aggressively targeting this space, such as tw telecom.

As one of GeoTel’s clients, AT&T utilizes metro fiber, long haul fiber, and fiber lit buildings to make informed business decisions regarding planning new networks. GeoTel’s telecom data products integrate telecommunications infrastructure data with GIS so that users can accurately and efficiently analyze this data in a spatial environment. GeoTel Communications offers custom-made fiber maps for client requests – give us a call to learn more!

Valerie Stephen