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AT&T Officially Launches FirstNet Dedicated Network Core

AT&T Officially Launches FirstNet Dedicated Network Core

AT&T just announced the launch of the dedicated network core for FirstNet, giving first responders access to their own specialized broadband network and communications system.

FirstNet is the first and only network of its kind, offering first responders their own interoperable communications network. Chris Sambar, Senior Vice President, ATT – FirstNet, calls the launch of the network core “one of the most exciting milestones yet.”

AT&T gave first responders early access to benefits of the FirstNet network last year using a commercial wireless network with a designated spectrum. The dedicated network core officially moves FirstNet to its own separate hardware. According to AT&T, the network core “forms the basis for the unified, interoperable and nationwide communications system.”

The network core is what sets FirstNet apart from other network communications platforms. During the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the inability of first responders to communicate with other agencies combined with severe network congestion made it extremely difficult for first responders to deliver aid where necessary.

The network core eliminates network congestion by “separating public safety traffic” from all other traffic. First responders will be the only traffic moving through the FirstNet core. FirstNet traffic will be protected by 24/7 monitoring by experts at a “Security Operations Center.”

New Capabilities

The network core will now allow FirstNet users to access their management portals, which provides users with the ability to control and “monitor their network resources.” Users will also have access to “First Priority, which allows public safety agencies to assign priority levels based on their needs.”

FirstNet-ready devices have already been launched, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. Additional devices will be released in the future.

First responders and existing FirstNet users can, and should, begin moving towards an entirely new experience with a dedicated communications network.

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by Sarah Pereau | 27 Mar 2018

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