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Benefits of Managing Fiber Optic Data in GIS

Benefits of Managing Fiber Optic Data in GIS

FIBER OPTIC DATA IN GISGeographic Information Systems, also known as GIS, allows companies and organizations to view, analyze, and understand data in a way that reveals patterns, relationships, and trends. GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. Companies who are able to manage fiber optic data in GIS find that this way of managing data offers them many benefits such as the ones outlined in this article.

Leveraging Fiber Optic Data in GIS

Fiber Optic data in GIS gives insight into the existing telecommunications landscape.  Companies can assess the current infrastructure and solve business-related issues by leveraging data. Some examples of company initiative could be:

  • Analyzing the effects of a fiber network expansion
  • Searching for new routes to direct internet traffic due to a connectivity issue that arose from a natural disaster
  • Deciding where to build an office building to satisfy connectivity requirements

Data within a GIS can help companies to analyze the current telecommunications infrastructure and tackle large company initiatives.

Improving System Analyses

When data is displayed visually, such as in a GIS-based environment or a fiber network map, it becomes much easier to understand, analyze, and even combine with other data sets. This allows for more efficient and prompt system analysis, leading to more timely decision making with quicker completion of products.

Web-Based GIS, Company-Wide Access, & Allocated Data

With a web-based GIS product, many different departments within a company can access the data and use it for various applications including engineering, operations, research & development, marketing, finance, and planning.  A company that can tackle large initiatives together data accessible company-wide will possess rich business intelligence giving a competitive advantage.

GeoTel Communications’ web-based GIS product, called, offers online database access to over 15 telecommunications data sets. From a single interface, users can access, visualize, and report on all available information to quickly clarify a variety of scenarios. Call 407-788-8888 today or contact GeoTel to learn more about our online database access sand telecom GIS data.

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen