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The Bid for Boeing’s Cloud Infrastructure

The Bid for Boeing’s Cloud Infrastructure

cloud infrastructureAccording to multiple sources, the aerospace giant, Boeing, has cloud companies competing to win the bid for its cloud infrastructure.

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft – three of the largest cloud computing companies in the world are supposedly all attempting to secure the bid for Boeing’s cloud infrastructure. The Boeing contract could be worth more than $1 Billion and would expand over multiple years.

Boeing’s Cloud History

In 2011, Boeing developed the virtual models of its commercial airplanes. This initiative started as a marketing opportunity, to provide tours of the new aerospace offerings, such as the Boeing 737 at the time.

In 2014, Boeing partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to begin developing a hybrid cloud environment. This hybrid environment would house many of the applications that drive Boeing’s success today, such as an app that tracks all Boeing flight paths and an app that stores historical data to assist with sales. The company even integrated maintenance into the service-oriented architecture or SOA at Boeing.

In 2015, the company’s digital footprint expanded greatly which created a need for data center expansion or a move to a more prominent cloud environment.

In 2016, Boeing and Microsoft began integrating more applications, such as the Advanced Aviation Analytics which eventually became Boeing AnalytX.

Boeing is now planning to shift its operations more onto the cloud due to the continual expansion of its digital footprint. “With more than 140,000 staff, the company’s IT needs are immense. A Boeing 787 generates an average of 500GB of system data a flight, much of which is stored and used to help improve efficiency and safety.”

Big Effort from the Big Cloud Companies

If Boeing has an enormous deal on the table such as this long-term cloud infrastructure operation, then the big cloud companies will need to make a big effort to try and obtain it. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are all competing to secure this opportunity. “The latest prize all three are pursuing, according to four people with knowledge of the matter, is a multiyear deal to provide cloud services to aerospace giant Boeing.

Boeing’s prize bid will secure a great deal for one of the three big cloud companies, expanding their digital footprint and moving towards a more cloud-based future.

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