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Building Local Economies with Maps

Building Local Economies with Maps

By GeoTel Communications 

As cities across the United States continue to build their infrastructure, GeoTel’s TeleTracker has become instrumental.


The US Census Bureau reports that the American population has increased by  18.9 million people since the 2010 census, demonstrating that America’s population is growing at an alarming rate. In response, state and local governments are working to develop infrastructure at a similar pace to accommodate the burgeoning population. The increased population also correlates to the rapid growth of new commerce and relocation of businesses to more suitable areas.

While consultants and city planners make haste to plan, GeoTel’s TeleTracker, its online SaaS product, offers a solution to the stress attendant to city planning. TeleTracker allows users to input specific addresses to view their fiber optic capability. This translates to faster internet connectivity and can reveal a building that is more capable of handling technology. The capability of an area to have strong fiber optic connections is critical enough to influence a corporation’s choice of location.

The same pattern explains how the demand for high-powered fiber optics has led to   “gentrification,” which describes large wealthy corporations moving into previously urban areas. However, it may not be the location which pushes the corporation’s choice,  rather the area’s ability to connect to fiber optics.  By using TeleTracker, state and local governments are able to establish which areas within their borders are the best-suited for a new company.

If your company is interested in relocation, or your state is looking to conduct research into its own infrastructure possibilities, GeoTel is happy to help. Click HERE for a complimentary demo.

Valerie Stephen