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Building Smarter Cities Improves Citizens’ Lives

Building Smarter Cities Improves Citizens’ Lives

The smart cities movement has increased significantly in popularity over the past year. Initially, studies suggested smart growth was limited to transportation, energy and state resources, but recently Research and Markets broadened the scope of smart cities to include healthcare and government.

Research and Markets is the leading source for international market research and market data. They took their expertise and analyzed the latest trends and research for smart, connected cities. This revealed that technology could improve quality of life, social inclusion, overall health and wellbeing of citizens.

Research and Markets press release highlights that:

“With technological progress, the dynamic between governments and users of public services is changing. Higher user expectations demand greater efficiency, transparency, and quality of services.”

One often forgotten part of society is the aging population. This group suffers from increased chronic conditions and a fragmented healthcare system. Through technology, this group could benefit from better coordination of health and social care services that could prevent hospitalization and promote better self-management of health.

Specific aspects of the healthcare sector that could benefit from modern technologies include videoconferencing, remote condition monitoring and shared electronic medical records.

“Electronic government (eGovernment) has significantly evolved in the last years from simple online portals to embrace multimedia messaging, wireless networks and services, smart cards, eVoting, and social media presence.”

The backbone to support all of these technology advancements is a reliable broadband network. When government and healthcare officials are ready to enhance local high-speed Internet access, GeoTel Communications can provide telecom maps and fiber network maps that help both rural and urban areas plan new networks and make informed business decisions. GeoTel creates custom telecom maps for client requests. If you are interested in obtaining telecom maps, contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172.


Valerie Stephen