Cable MSO Boundaries

GeoTel’s Cable MSO data represents the actual serving territory for cable operators who serve more than one community. Our data includes national coverage of all 50 states with approximately 800 cable/multiple-systems operators.

GeoTel’s extensive research by our GIS experts into the development of the Cable Operating Area opt data reflects a 360-degree view of markets with multiple-system cable providers. With the Cable MSO data set, users can visualize and define the market participants in a given operating area. Service providers can view competition and analyze planned network expansions and consolidations.

Benefits of Cable MSO Data

Examine coverage areas for primary and secondary service providers

Calculate the number of homes and population covered by a carrier network

Examine how many competitors are in the same market

Examine new markets and the competition in place

Combine this data with market studies that show industry specific penetration rates to calculate carrier subscriber counts

Examine carrier service areas for marketing purposes

Map marketing campaign service areas to carrier service area, make sure the dollars are spent in locations that make sense

Locate areas without high speed internet services or inadequate service

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