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Carrier Fiber Routes

Carrier fiber route data provides valuable insight into the fiber landscape across the United States and around the world. GeoTel’s fiber route data set is digitized onto the highest quality digital street maps and is also available on aerial imagery for enhanced study.

Fiber route data is a key component of telecommunications location-based intelligence across several industries including service providers, consulting firms, government organizations, real estate companies, urban planning developers, and economic development agencies. The information provides users with a functional display of network coverages enabling market analysis and geotargeting of specific areas of interest. When combined with the fiber lit building data set, GeoTel clients can visualize the comprehensive fiber internet infrastructure ranging from metro street-level service details to backhaul transport.

Over 1,073 carriers in more than 17,954 U.S. cities are included in our full data set, with additional markets and carriers continuously added. Data coverage is at a state, national, or CBSA level. For a specific area or location, please contact our experts. Access to the fiber routes allows the user to locate metro or long-haul fiber network maps quickly and efficiently.

Fiber route data is offered in a GIS format or with GeoTel’s hosted web-based subscription product, TeleTracker. Our data can also be integrated into existing databases.

Benefits of Carrier Fiber Route Data

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageUse for competitive analysis to determine market penetration strategies, generate carrier vulnerability reports, evaluate network expansion, and identify at-risk locations near fiber assets

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageIdentify existing provider network infrastructure in a specified area when planning new development or revitalization projects

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageEncourage business leaders to invest in a community by demonstrating the density of fiber within a specified region

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageInvestigate regulatory compliance issues

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageReal estate appraisal using network availability surrounding a select location

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageGet a functional display of network coverages for geo-targeting

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