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Carrier Network Maps

Carrier Network Maps display the infrastructure roadmap of a network carrier. These maps connect and highlight the carrier’s current service markets. The telecommunications infrastructure data product can assist customers in locating fiber for multiple telecom providers within a specific market in order to help optimize connectivity. Telecom providers and their networks can be easily located throughout the United States with Carrier Network Maps.

How Carrier Network Maps Can Be Utilized

Carrier Network Maps are a valuable dataset allowing the user to display current service areas specific to carriers. Service providers are able to determine the competition in-network service areas. These specific maps can be utilized in a multitude of ways and this information can be very beneficial for a number of industries.  This data is also useful for many government and regulatory studies.

Benefits of Carrier Network Maps

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageExamine Carrier Coverage Areas

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageExamine how many competitors are in the same market

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageView carrier strong and weak markets

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageDisplay and study various carriers to help recruit new business

carrier network mapsConduct basic market comparative analysis

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