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Central Offices

Central Office locations are the main office of the local exchange carrier; they are typically buildings where the lines of end users are joined to switching equipment that connects other end users to each other, both locally and via long distance carriers. Central Office locations house telecom hubs and switches. This GIS telecom product includes location information, as well as the telecommunications companies and equipment hosted in the facility. Central Office locations are available for the entire United States or by CBSAs.

How Central Offices can be utilized

GeoTel clients accessing the Central Office dataset can view the equipment type and CLLI code, as well as information about the central office location and operating company. A typical central office will connect to a main distribution system which allows carriers to track subscriber information. GeoTel product users can identify the main telecom provider in a geographic service area.

Benefits of Central Offices

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageBenefits for network planning in determining inter-connectivity, network hierarchy, and access gateway nodes

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageGenerating competitive analysis based on ILEC and CLEC indicators

GeoTel Communications bulleted list imageDissemination of network analysis for use in Urban Planning and Economic development

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