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Century Link’s Fiber Map is Expanding in South Florida

Century Link’s Fiber Map is Expanding in South Florida

Century Links Fiber MapOne telecom company is seeing growth — Century Link’s fiber map is expanding in South Florida.

The Southern part of Florida is extremely attractive to telecom companies for being the ideal connecting point between North and South America. One company is seizing the opportunity. Century Link’s fiber map is expanding in South Florida with targeted expansion in Coral Springs, Dadeland, and Miramar.

Century Link Now

Currently, Century Link has 1,000 fiber lit buildings and over 3,000 fiber route miles. According to the company’s General Manager of the south and southwest, Andy Rodriguez, the company is planning on increasing its fiber throughout the area by at least 30%. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been some slowing down of processes, such as the following.

  • Approvals
  • Construction
  • Permitting

Not all things were slowed down though. With restrictions on civilian travel due to pandemic lock-downs, fiber deployments were able to move quickly due to the decrease in traffic and regulations. Century Link finds itself in a unique position with fiber deployments in general. The company takes a very strategic approach by enabling its Generals Managers to be “boots on the ground.” This allows the company to deploy fiber extremely quickly by having a top management position in the area for real-time market knowledge, top-tier requests, and approvals.

Connecting to South America

Around this time a year ago, Century Link announced its significant investment in South Florida with building a New Network Gateway in Miami. This gateway was supposed to bridge South Florida to Latin America and increase the demand for enterprise services. “The expansion includes a new network gateway, to manage the flow of internet and data traffic on CenturyLink’s robust global network, and a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency data center. Together, they will help drive IT agility for South Florida and Latin American customers for years to come.” 

The pandemic has impacted most businesses, but Century Link’s fiber map is expanding. Know the fiber landscape and search for carrier fiber routes with GeoTel. Contact the experts to learn more.


Written by: GeoTel Experts

Valerie Stephen