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CenturyLink Private Cloud

CenturyLink Private Cloud

CenturyLink, provider of TV, Voice and Internet, has innovated its hybrid cloud strategy by introducing a global private cloud. CenturyLink Private Cloud, provided across 57 data centers in 34 cities worldwide, offers enterprises in need of a private cloud hosted locally a choice of public, private and hybrid cloud computing sources. Although each private cloud is enclosed in a boundary, a federation into the operator’s network of public nodes provides additional resources available in the operator’s public cloud. The identical platform of the private cloud to the public cloud, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), creates easy interchange between the two. This interface makes it simpler to develop and manage hybrid cloud environments.  

“CenturyLink continues to realize our vision for business-friendly hybrid IT solutions, with public cloud, private cloud and network connectivity all available from one provider,” said Andrew Higginbotham, senior vice president of Cloud and Technology at CenturyLink, in a prepared statement. “CenturyLink Private Cloud delivers attributes the best of private cloud—from dedicated hardware and physical isolation to enterprise-level security and service-level agreements—along with our truly innovative public cloud experience, featuring advanced self-service automation and a fast pace of feature innovation.”

Richard Seroter, CenturyLink Cloud’s director of product strategy, asserts that most companies are in demand of a private cloud, yet IT departments have lagged behind in keeping up with the rapid change of standards and technology types in the industry. “Internal private clouds are hard to set up and maintain and even harder to update, because the cloud is constantly innovating. We’re getting down to running on bare metal now. When I worked in an IT department, the systems people used were often two versions behind the market. In the cloud era, customers can get new features every 30 days,” said Seroter.

Enterprise customers are wary of entering all data into the public cloud but want to acquire the benefits that clouds provide. With the private cloud provided across 57 data centers in 34 cities, clients can now enter apps and data into a single cloud, which offers a safer and more secure solution. GeoTel Communications, LLC, the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data for more than 12 years, makes telecom infrastructure tangible by layering the data in GIS software. If interested in viewing our telecom infrastructure data sets in the U.S., which include data centers, to help your company make data-driven decisions, call GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172.

Valerie Stephen