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Citizens Wanting to Change Cell Towers

Citizens Wanting to Change Cell Towers

change cell towersWith 5G changes rolling out, more and more citizens are seeking to change cell towers.

The best of both worlds is a common phrase indicating an ideal outcome between two solutions. The citizens of El Paso, Texas want the best of both worlds by trying to change cell towers in the area. According to CBS 4 News, Verizon and T-Mobile customers have been receiving spotty signal in the area. These customers have been seeking a stronger signal, but do not want to see their town littered with cell towers.

Alex Hoffman, Planning Director at the City of El Paso, said one of his goals is to beautify the city while being fair to residents. Hoffman stated, “What we’re trying to get accomplished here is that, in residential areas, we’d like the cell towers to be a lot shorter and making them match their surroundings.”

The city understands mobile connectivity is becoming a necessity for many modern citizens. They plan to work past cell tower eyesores with camouflage and height regulations.

Camouflage Helps Change Cell Towers

In the city of New Canaan, Connecticut cell towers are being camouflaged with tree-like boughs making them appear as pine trees. This design came after citizens were outraged that cell towers were to be erected in natural areas destroying certain aspects of the woodsy aesthetics. However, not everyone is pleased with the change to cell towers.

Property Owner, Keith Richey, has a cell tower that is planned to be erected on his property. The cell tower would not just be a small addition to his land. It would stand at 85-feet and would require a 2,000 sq. ft. base.

According to the New Canaan Advertiser, citizens should be aware of this new structure due to Mr. Richey being involved with the city and having a cell tower built on his private property with no regard for zoning. The publisher goes on to state that this could pit neighbors against each other, and another hearing must be held.

Cell Tower Controversy

In Denver, Colorado tall green polls are popping up with the purpose of bridging the gap between 4G and 5G signals. Certain citizens, such as Clint Viejio, claim that these towers are not improving signals but are having the opposite effect. Mr. Viejio said his T-Mobile service is barely working within his home which is right next to the newly developed pole. Not only is his service diminished, but the pole also emits a continuous annoying pitch whenever he is outside.

In the town of Fairfax, Vermont a new cell tower has been proposed a mile and a half behind a women’s home in a wooded area. The homeowner is upset about the potential effects of the tower. A Verizon lawyer spoke on behalf of the company stating that it would not be a 5G tower yet because the company is currently not developing that level of equipment in Vermont.

The controversy is striking towns all across the country. Companies plan to change cell tower structure by developing smaller towers that are closer to the ground and more frequent. Telecom companies have already started the plans and development of these towers in certain areas.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

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