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China Demands New Homes Install Fiber Optic Networks

China Demands New Homes Install Fiber Optic Networks

Today, only a few US cities, such as Kansas City, can boast of high-speed fiber optic connections. However, it’s not this way in China. According to a recent China Daily report, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China has required all newly built homes to install fiber optic connections “where a public fiber optic telecom network is available.” In fact, the Chinese government hopes to have “Forty million families connected to fiber networks by 2015.”

China’s new fiber optic network standards, which are set to take effect on April 1, 2013, are meant to grow domestic fiber broadband networks, or “Fiber To The Home” services. This, in turn, is expected to boost business for the telecom industry in China.

Even China is offering something Google and Verizon do not offer here in the U.S. – the choice of multiple service providers once the fiber is installed. These standards will give customers the ability to choose which telecom company they want service from, as all residences are required to have equal connections to services from various providers.

Fiber optic networks enable download and upload speeds of more than 100 times faster than broadband. Not only does this make web content more accessible to both residents and businesses alike, but also it enhances the possibility for innovation, particularly when it comes to applications, which usually require substantial bandwidth.

As telecom carriers in China work to complete and distribute their “Fiber to the Home” services, fiber optic network maps and broadband maps can be utilized by them to analyze existing infrastructure and build out their own fiber optic networks. If you are interested in obtaining telecom GIS data sets for a particular city or metro area, contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172. We offer custom-made fiber optic network maps!

Valerie Stephen