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Ciena Making Financial Progress in Q3 Of 2015

Ciena Making Financial Progress in Q3 Of 2015

This business entity focuses primarily upon offering a suite of network services for niche market opportunities.  The specific industries on which this company focuses include the following:

  • Service Providers. The vendors here include Wireline Operators, Mobile Network Operators, as well as Cable MSO’s.
  • Enterprise Level Businesses. These include the various types and kinds of electric companies, media and entertainment industries, the financial sector, as well as the various healthcare industries.
  • The Federal Government. This includes all agencies and entities at the federal, state, and local levels, the Department of Defense, as well as public sector entities like county and city governments, utilities, public safety, and transportation.
  • Submarine Network Operators. Ciena offers network-based solutions such as GeoMesh networking, private optical networks, cloud-based networking, packet networking, and even offering network transformation solutions.
  • Web-Scale Operators. In this particular industry segment, Ciena offers network-based solutions for data center consolidation, disaster recovery, as well as emerging cloud-based infrastructures.

With all of these product and service offerings in their asset pool, it is no wonder that Ciena comes out on top all of the time when it comes publicly reporting the state of their financial affairs.  For example, just this week, Ciena announced the status of their third-quarter financial results.  They are:

  • Net Income increased by 19% to $23.6 million.
  • Predicted earnings were forecasted for $628 million, but Ciena reported earnings of only $603 million.
  • Revenues derived from packet networking, optical transport, and software services were at $57 million and $18 million, respectively, but these were down from the previous year at $70 million and $31 million, respectively.
  • Looking toward the fourth quarter of 2015, Ciena predicts that overall revenue will be in the range of $665 million to $700 million.

According to the Gary Smith, the CEO of Ciena, “This past quarter we saw a change in the timing of network implementations of certain customers, North American Tier 1 service providers, in particular, due to a number of customer-specific factors . . . with our acquisition of Cyan and the formation of the Blue Planet division, we are establishing a leader in SDN and NFV software, positioning Ciena for what is expected to be a significant opportunity.” 

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Valerie Stephen