Cincinnati Bell Seeking New Merger Opportunities

There has no doubt been a lot of optimism, angst, fear, and anxiety as to what the next few years will hold here in the United States.  But, as we have mentioned in other blogs, with regards to the telecom industry, there is one thing that is going to ring true in 2017:  The buyout, or the Merger and Acquisition (M and A) activity.

cincinnati bell seeks new merger opportunitiesThis resonated true back in February when a press release announcing the legacy telecom vendor known as Cincinnati Bell keeping their eyes and ears open for some serious buying activity.  And while it does want to expand its product and service portfolio, it does not want to pay too much extra in premiums.

According to Ted Torbeck, the CEO at Cincinnati Bell:  “We are not going to overpay as we see multiples being higher than what we are willing to pay, but we are going to continue to look . . . We are very bullish on the IT front as well as expanding out of the territory.”

It was also noted in the press release that Cincinnati

  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS);
  • Network as a Service (NaaS).

Once again, the emphasis here is the shift to the Cloud.  It is not the hybrid version we wrote previously; rather, it is a straight-up offering to new customers.

It is presumed that the focus on the Cloud offerings will help to boost revenue, which sagged by over $9 Million in 2016.

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