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Cisco, Hyundai to Launch Hyperconnected Cars in 2019

Cisco, Hyundai to Launch Hyperconnected Cars in 2019

Cisco and Hyundai announced several days ago at CES 2018, Hyundai’s higher-end 2019 vehicles will be “hyperconnected” cars using software-defined networking (SDN).

Cisco and Hyundai’s partnership began in 2016, aimed at bringing another solution to smart vehicle technology. What makes this partnership truly unique is how quickly the two companies are able to bring this new technology to the market. The concept of hyperconnected cars will use software-defined network technology

Software-defined networking is a cloud-based solution that implements centralized control of an entire network through software applications. This allows Hyundai network administrators to manage the network consistently across all connected vehicles. Cisco’s open-network solution will provide premium Hyundai vehicles with Ethernet connection through a Linux platform.

The innovation of Hyperconnected Cars

Cisco states that the new open platform is “…highly configurable, and offers the flexibility to design and build new services.” At 1 Gbps – a first of its kind for vehicle connectivity – the network will provide enough bandwidth for car services such as remote maintenance, diagnosis, and updates where bandwidth is crucial. This requires “...interoperability between legacy hardware and the secure platform.” According to Cisco, this delivers “…real-time access to data and telemetry on everything in the car.”

This type of connectivity will also ensure that consumers are quickly getting software updates and new features as they come out. This includes accelerated delivery of over-the-air (OTA) vehicle updates from a remote network administrator, which is similar to Tesla when they rolled out a software update to thousands of customers as their vehicles sat parked at their homes in 2014. Hyundai’s OTA software updates on the new network will come out for navigation and infotainment only.

Seung-ho Hwang, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Motor Group’s Auto Intelligence Business Department, hopes to explore “…connecting cars to city infrastructure – or the ability to ‘communicate’ with lights and parking meters.” This technology will help shape the development of autonomous vehicles in the future.

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by Sarah Pereau | 12 Jan 2018

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