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Comcast to Make Chase Tower a Fiber Lit Building

Comcast to Make Chase Tower a Fiber Lit Building

Comcast Business Services has launched an effort to expand its fiber network in downtown Houston to provide access to Ethernet, cloud services, and other telecom services to over 3,000 additional businesses in the area. This fiber network expansion is expected to be completed by early this year (2013) and will compliment their previous efforts to bring cloud-based unified communications services to the area.

The service provider’s fiber will be routed to several various multi-tenant office buildings such as Chase Tower, the largest building in the state of Texas. Having access to large fiber lit buildings like Chase Tower gives Comcast Business Services the ability to potentially gain a large amount of new clients in the area who are looking for an alternative service provider as they migrate from existing technology to Ethernet. Businesses can easily change service providers in a fiber lit building because the fiber is already present to tap into and getting a connection with better bandwidth becomes easy, as it would likely be already available.

Comcast Business Services does have a significant advantage over other telcos competing for this market because Comcast owns all of their fiber, meaning they can control the speed and experience for their customers instead of having to rely on another provider’s facilities. For SMBs, Internet speed is often the number one factor in making a buying decision for these types of services and Comcast’s Business Class Internet provides some of the fastest Internet speeds available today.

Service providers like Comcast utilize metro fiber, long haul fiber, and fiber lit buildings to effectively analyze the fiber presence in a particular city or metro area in order to make informed business decisions regarding planning new networks. Our telecommunications infrastructure data shows which buildings are lit by fiber optics by various service providers to help analyze the merits of one building site over another. Call GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172 for a customized quote for our fiber lit buildings data set.

Valerie Stephen