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Company Overview

GeoTel Communications, LLC is the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data in a geographic information system (GIS) and Internet-based spatial technologies and has been for over 20 years. GeoTel takes telecom infrastructure data and makes it tangible. By layering this data in GIS software or by viewing it in one of our web-based platforms, we make it possible to analyze detailed fiber optic maps and other telecom datasets throughout North America and the World. These integrated datasets are digitized onto the highest quality street data and aerial imagery available. It provides companies and government entities with the leverage and insight necessary to make informed location-based and fiscally sound decisions. GeoTel’s highly developed databases encompass:

across more than 17,954 U.S. markets

4.85 million miles of carrier fiber routes

14.1 million fiber lit buildings, data centers, and central offices

385,000 cell towers and rooftop sites

4.85 million miles of carrier fiber routes

more than 385,000 cell towers and rooftop sites

over 14,111,478 fiber lit buildings, data centers and central offices

across more than 17,954 markets

across more than 7,600 markets