The Coronavirus and Its Effect on Italy’s Data Centers and Telecom

Italy’s data centersA worldwide pandemic has people flooding telecom outlets, Italy’s data centers are the perfect example of the influx of traffic.

As the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 floods the world in one of the worse pandemics since the Spanish Flu in 1918, people are turning to the world of telecommunications to provide them with the information needed to stay safe, keep working, and stay entertained. This puts a high demand on telecom assets, such as Italy’s data centers.

The entire country of Italy is under quarantine due to COVID-19, the only operations allowed to resume as normal are those of public utilities, which is putting extreme pressure on its digital infrastructure. One of the country’s largest data center operators, SuperNap Italia, is performing to the highest of its capacity.

Italy’s Data Centers

The operation of data centers is relied on in times like these, where residents are forced to stay home and rely on technology for their daily needs. This includes keeping cities connected and remote work functional. The only workers that are at the SuperNAP data center are those that are needed for essential operations, all other workers are remotely working from home.

For the workers that are still physically commuting, there are several precautionary steps that have been taken. These precautions include ample antibacterial gel available onsite, deep cleaning of all surfaces and equipment, practicing social distancing, working in weekly shifts to avoid contamination, and carrying appropriate documents to show law enforcement. There have also been substantial amounts of food delivered in the case of a total lockdown.

With workers ensuring that Italy’s power grid does not shut down, it is just as important to ensure that the internet connection stays up. SuperNAP’s Communication Manager, Alison Gutman, stated, “In case of a total loss of power, we are equipped with several emergency DCCP generators that can ensure up to 80 hours of continuous operation of the entire facility (60 percent of load considering 270 l/h fuel consumption). Furthermore, we have contracts with diesel suppliers to arrive within 6 hours to top up fuel and continue to do so as long as necessary.”

The company’s CEO, Sherif Rizkalla, assured the public that works in Italy has and will not stop. His company is seeing small increases in consumption and bandwidth and ensures that his data centers will be capable of keeping up with demand.

The World Wide Web

Italy’s data centers may be getting put to the test currently, but the world wide web is soon to follow. As the novel coronavirus spreads worldwide and infects every continent but Antarctica, data centers, cell towers, and the entire telecommunications infrastructure will be tested.

The important thing to remember is that even though the infrastructure is being tested, it is a positive sign that people are more determined than ever to keep working and to keep information flowing. This is not an apocalypse, this is a worldwide test to prove the human race is resilient and can adjust accordingly, just like we have for centuries.

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Author: Valerie Stephen