DaaS Article by Dave Drazen on The Fast Mode

GeoTel’s CEO, Dave Drazen, wrote an article highlighting DaaS for The Fast Mode.

Dave Drazen represented GeoTel Communications on The Fast Mode website with his article, Data as a Service (DaaS) – Are You Missing Out? Dave goes on to explain how companies in the past had to rely on in-house resources to assist with business decisions. This restricted organizations by forcing them to allocate resources and employ data interpreting experts. For some companies, this was manageable. However, with the surge of data, this task was becoming all too large for most. Fortunately, technology for telecommunications had also been surging.

Data collection is essential in making well-informed business decisions. GeoTel Communications has been collecting location-based telecommunications data for over 20 years and now proudly serves as the world’s leading telecom data provider offering the largest relational database. With this vast amount of data, GeoTel is able to provide a DaaS platform to companies offering immense benefits. These benefits include value, cost-effectivity, quality, agility, and business intelligence.

DaaSAlmost any company in any industry can benefit from data as a service, but to see the most results, it is essential to know the four activities data is used for. There is (1) data as a service, which is simply to serve, protect, and store information. (2) Information as a service or having the platform to simplify and interpret the information for data-driven decision making. (3) Knowledge as a service or the ability to analyze and utilize the data for advising on specific decisions. (4) Business intelligence or wisdom can be achieved when all three prior activities are serviced properly.

Data is essential for success in modern society. GeoTel Communications wants to help you access the information you need to make informed, business intelligent decisions. If you would like to learn more, contact us today!