EarthLink to Broaden its Cloud Based Services

In the world of telecom and cable, differentiation is the name of the game for survival and to win the hearts of new customers. Such is the case with EarthLink. Just this past week, they announced that they plan to differentiate in the marketplace by offering up a new type of Cloud Exchange Service. To do this, EarthLink will be focusing primarily upon creating a much more efficient network, bandwidth, and monitoring capabilities.

earthlink cloud exchange to offer better network managementAccording to Jim Eeazor, the CEO of EarthLink, “If you were selling the service on a stand-alone basis, the differentiation becomes in your ability to manage it. The monitoring capabilities to stay on top of the optimization of the network and prioritization of the data flow to and from different SaaS or IaaS players.

The growth of cloud adoption is growing very strong in niche sectors, such as retail, as well as other similar verticals. To increase this rate with its Cloud Exchange Service, EarthLink is planning to establish direct network connections with other Internet Service Providers into its own network. This will give both existing and new customers the ability to quickly scale up or scale down their Cloud services, based upon the needs of their business.

Some of the new Cloud-based products EarthLink will offer to the retail sector is a Point of Sale (PoS) software system. This will be offered as a SaaS offering to customers. Also, they will be offering a new product called “Secure Storefront” to its retail clientele base. This includes enhanced functionality, such as security, network, and IT-based services.

As these new products and services come to fruition, EarthLink will be highly reliant upon its base of channel partners and value-added resellers to market them. Cloud-based offerings continue to be a major catalyst in its portfolio. For example, it makes up at least 11% of it or revenues of $52+ million.

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