Easily Search Fiber Maps with GeoTel

easily search fiber maps

The recent focus on infrastructure development in the United States has provided a surge for organizations seeking to understand the local and national infrastructures currently in place. Learn how to gain access to this information and stay ahead of the competition by reading more.

Whether utilizing GIS data or searching for a user-friendly digital mapping platform, GeoTel can assist with access to the largest and most accurate telecom databases available. Easily search fiber maps, locate fiber lit buildings, and understand the wireless connectivity network in real time.

Easily Search Fiber Maps

One of the most crucial aspects of the telecommunications infrastructure in North America is the carrier fiber routes. These fiber routes whether terrestrial or aerial physically connect our network and our society. To be able to easily search fiber maps of either the entire United States or a local city block can provide organizations with the essential information needed to make informed decisions for development. There are multiple ways to access these fiber maps.

Accessing Fiber Maps

It is important to access trustworthy and accurate fiber maps. GeoTel has been in business since 2001 and services some of the largest government entities, telco providers, and fiber optic constructors. Be sure to request fiber maps and start the conversation as soon as possible.

  • GIS Data – GeoTel is one of the only providers of telecom GIS Data. This data can provide powerful insight into the current location-based telecommunications network and allow for predictive analytics of undergoing infrastructure development.
  • TeleTracker – GeoTel offers a digital mapping platform for users who are looking to search fibers maps as easily and quickly as possible. This platform is available 24/7 with proper credentials. It can also be helpful for users who may not be GIS-savvy.easily search fiber maps
  • Professional Service Reports – To easily search fiber maps in a focused area of a specific business location, GeoTel’s Professional Services are the quickest and easiest way to do so. These reports do not require an annual license and can be delivered within the same business day.

If you need a guide to finding the best fiber optics maps, be sure to review this article: HOW TO FIND THE BEST FIBER OPTIC MAPS

Locate Fiber Routes and Fiber Lit Buildings

Fiber routes are the base of a fiber map. GeoTel is the leading provider in carrier fiber routes with one of the largest and most accurate databases available. No other dataset can compare to GeoTel’s which is backed by years of accruing and verifying. This coveted fiber route data can provide users with an accurate depiction of the telecom infrastructure.

Another aspect of maps portraying fiber that can sometimes be overlooked is fiber lit buildings. These buildings generally have a dedicated and secure connection as opposed to other types of connectivity. A fiber map is not complete without the location-based identification of fiber lit buildings. This fiber asset can also be added to any GeoTel product as requested.

Understanding the Wireless Network

Another beneficial data asset to include in map requests is cell tower locations. The 5th generation cellular network or 5G has created a demand for location-based cellular network data. Now more than ever this highly sought dataset is being requested for inclusion with fiber maps. The cell tower database pairs perfectly with the broadband wireless dataset to create the perfect picture of wireless coverage.

GeoTel obtains its data in a variety of ways, some of these methods are proprietary, and all of these methods are highly trusted with proven information. If you would like to request a fiber map product today, please fill out the form below.

Written By: Valerie Stephen

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