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Esri’s ClearTerra Acquisition Brings Data Extraction to GIS

Esri’s ClearTerra Acquisition Brings Data Extraction to GIS

by Sarah Pereau | 02 Mar 2018

Esri, a leading geographic information system and spatial analytics company, recently announced its acquisition of ClearTerra.

ClearTerra is a geospatial and “activity-based intelligence” company that has already been partners with Esri for several years. The ClearTerra acquisition will provide users of Esri’s flagship geographic information system (GIS), ArcGIS, with the ability to extract textual data from sources like “email, briefings, and reports.” Esri states that it will make it easier for users to extract “GPS coordinates from unstructured data sources.”

The primary target of ClearTerra’s geospatial capabilities will be organizations that typically have large amounts of unstructured data such as defense, intelligence, and public safety agencies. According to Jeff Peters, Esri director of national government, ClearTerra “…also has useful applications for so many more Esri users.”

Instead of analysts using spreadsheets and spending hours combing through the data, ClearTerra’s technology does the work, turning that data instantly into “geospatial features.” The extracted content is generated into a shapefile for viewing.

Jeff Wilson, former vice president of sales for ClearTerra, states that “the ClearTerra acquisition adds something completely new to the Esri platform, opening up the ability to make use of unstructured data and expanding the use case across to non-GIS users.”

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