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Facebook Anticipated to Join the Telecom Industry

Facebook Anticipated to Join the Telecom Industry

By this time, we all have heard of social media tools. Whether we like them or not, we pretty much use them every day in order to communicate with our family, friends, and even our co-workers. Today, there are literally hundreds of social media tools available. This means that we, as the consumers, get to have our pick as to what we want to use. Unfortunately, many of these new social media tools are overshadowed by the main three:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

One could argue that MySpace belongs in the above group as well; however, usage of it, for business purposes, has significantly dropped off. Now, it seems that the founders of the above listed social media tools are trying to gain their piece of the market share in the telecom industry, as well.

For instance, it was announced just last week that Facebook is experimenting with a new type of networking technology, called the “Wedge 100.” It is capable of delivering data at 100-gig speeds. Currently, Facebook uses a network tool that delivers data at only 40-gig speeds. Interestingly enough, Facebook actually developed this new networking technology with no help from outside vendors.

The ultimate objective of implementing this new technology into their existing networking infrastructure is to, of course, get more subscribers to their site. According to FierceTelecom, “The faster switch will allow the social networking giant to host more videos and photos for its network of more than 1 billion users that are quickly becoming accustomed to sharing videos and other large files with their networks of friends across the globe.”

So, will the likes of Comcast and Verizon have their market share now penetrated by the social media giants? It is predicted that this could, very well, be the case. In part, this is because Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn do have fairly sizable balance sheets and, therefore, they have the cash on hand to venture out into this realm.

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Valerie Stephen