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Fatbeam Acquires EMAN to Increase Washington’s Fiber Presence

Fatbeam Acquires EMAN to Increase Washington’s Fiber Presence

Fatbeam, a fiber provider that focuses primarily on underserved market areas in the Western US, recently struck a deal with EMAN Networks to acquire their existing fiber assets. This acquisition will give Fatbeam 25 miles of metro fiber network in Tacoma, Washington.

Most of EMAN Networks’ infrastructure, which Fatbeam has now acquired, focused on providing fiber networks for educational segments such as school districts.

While neither company released the specifics of the deal, Fatbeam has said that it plans to add additional fiber route miles to the existing EMAN network and upgrade the metro Ethernet backbone of their network. The service provider has decided that its main focus will be to deliver fiber-based bandwidth speeds from 1 to 320 Gbps in Washington, as well as other adjacent states that have not been suitably served by incumbent telcos.

Over the course of the past 12 months, Fatbeam has been reaching outside of its core base in Idaho to nearby areas in Washington State to build new fiber-based networks. Before Fatbeam began expanding to these areas, many school districts, businesses, residents, and hospitals had no other choice for connectivity than to turn to large telecommunications companies.

Fatbeam’s choice to acquire EMAN Networks reflects the current trend in the competitive telecom market for service providers to create their own internal buildouts by purchasing other service providers with adjacent network assets.

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Valerie Stephen