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The Broadband Forum Offers New Fiber Access Network Specifications

The Broadband Forum Offers New Fiber Access Network Specifications

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The Broadband Forum has released updated guidelines to providers to enable competition and offer greater interoperability for operators when it comes to software-defined fiber access networks. The Broadband Forum’s most recent release provides specifications for operator’s systems to make better use of and easily exchange information with new optical network units (ONU) or the fiber access networks optical terminal device for various service interfaces.  


Fiber Access Networks  

These types of access networks are also referred to as optical distribution networks and are a subset of telecommunication networks. These access networks connect service providers to one another and to end subscribers.

The Solution 

A major issue that operators have faced in the past few years has been difficulties surrounding vendor lock-ins, also known as cloud migration – when a vendor’s database is established it can be challenging to relocate this information. The Broadband Forum’s release is designed to assist in the connection of an operator’s network optical line termination (OLT) to broadband equipment on the consumer’s premises, such as cable TV boxes, Wi-Fi routers, and telephone equipment, and the network-based software and systems that link to the equipment of multiple consumers. 

The goals of the released specifications are to: 

  1.   Encourage competition between providers themselves and optical network unit vendors
  2.   Reduce overall costs for operators, providers, etc.
  3.   Improve pricing for end consumers
  4.   Enhance network systems and software interoperability and flexibility
  5.   Ease data visualization of software for operators 
  6.   Provide operators with a range of options for optical network unit functionality

A final goal of the Broadband Forum’s recently released specs is to secure the future of the current infrastructure and protect operator investments. 

About Broadband Forum 

Established nearly 25 years ago, the “Broadband Forum is an open, non-profit industry organization composed of the industry’s leading broadband operators, vendors, and thought leaders who are shaping the future of broadband.” This organization leads the industry in bettering broadband standards, innovation, and infrastructure development.  

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen