Fiber can Navigate the Future of Your Business

By GeoTel Communications

With many companies, there comes a time when the concept of expansion and growth fill the horizon. Yet, with so many complex decisions to make while thinking of expansion, companies are relying on GIS data and fiber optic maps to make their decisions easier.

Fiber optic mapping and GIS have served as the backbone for business expansion and growth for decades. The technologies ability to configure a locations connectivity is instrumental to a company’s production levels at each business site.  There are many factors that influence the choice of a new location of a business, and user experience is consistently at the forefront.

User Experience in the 20th century can be visualized by the consumer’s interaction with a brand virtually through the internets marketplace of shared ideas and goods. Hence the ability to maintain a strong internet connection through fiber optic cables has slowly migrated to the forefront of every businesses checklist in terms of searching for a new location.

The 2018 User Experience Statistic study found that 72% of shoppers across the globe identify the experience inside of the store as important or more important than the internet experience for the same company. So, when creating a consumer experience such as a brick and mortar storefront, a strong connection to Fiber Optics is crucial to raise the online statistics for one’s brand.

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