Fiber Could Have the Same Impact as the Railroad

In the 1800s, the railroad provided extreme economic growth to cities and towns across America. According to one Georgia County, fiber optics appear to be the next determinant of economic growth.

According to Henry County Commissioner Brian Preston, the railroads moved goods throughout the country and now fiber optics move goods around the world. Thanks to technology advancements, the world’s economy has become more interconnected.

“We are competing in this worldwide economy to try to bring business to Henry County and every day that we’re delayed or every day that we’re behind, they get a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger,” Preston said. “Fiber optics is the network connecting communities around the world.”

When the railroad network expanded from 1870 to 1890, it redefined agricultural land values. According to a study by MIT’s Dave Donaldson and Harvard’s Richard Hornbeck, if those railroads had been removed in 1890, the total value of U.S. agricultural land would have decreased by 73% and GNP by 6.3%. Laying fiber cable may bring similar growth to land value.

The railroad wealth went to the Rockefeller’s and Vanderbilt’s, but if planned properly, the potential wealth connected with this modern expansion can remain with local communities.

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